Goals: [easytable width=”500px”] Goal, Description, Completed? A, <3:05, No B, <3:10, No C, <3:15, No [/easytable]   Training: I started training after I got back from my summer backpacking trip. For the most part, I followed Pfitzinger’s 12/55 plan. Despite the unusually warm weather in Toronto, I would often skip recovery runs, so my weekly mileage… Read More

From Aug. 27th to Aug. 31st, I spent five days backpacking in Denali National Park, Alaska. Preparation: A backpacking trip in Denali is very hard to prepare. They have one of the most strict quota systems I have had to go through. The park is divided into a few dozen units. Instead of controlling for the… Read More

Chilkoot is a 33 mile trail from Dyea, AK to Bennett, BC. My friend Rani and I did the hike from Aug. 22nd to Aug. 24th in 2016. History: Chilkoot Trail was a traditional route used by stampeders during Klondike gold rush over 100 years ago. The stampeders would come by boat to Skagway, AK,… Read More

This is the third part of the write-up for my JMT trip in June 2015. Red’s Meadow to Tuolomne Meadow: Right next to Red’s Meadow, Devil’s Postpile draws thousands of visitors  every year. But soon after I got back on trail, everything quieted down again. I settled down at Thousand Island Lake on Jun. 17th. Albeit… Read More

This is the second part of the write-up for my JMT trip in June 2015. Road’s End to Kings River via Sierra High Route: From Road’s End, Sierra High Routes follows Copper Creek trail and winds up for 6000 feet. This is a gruesome climb. It took me more than 4 hours to finally reach the end of… Read More

John Muir Trail is a 211 mile trail between Yosemite and Mt Whitney. It is wildly regarded as one of the best trails in the world. I hiked (most of) the trail northbound from Jun. 6th to Jun. 19th, with some detour on Sierra High Route from Road’s End to Mather Pass. Logistics: I flew… Read More

Black Forest Trail is a 42 mile loop trail in Pennsylvania. I did this hike from Sept. 27th to 29th in 2013. In 2013 I was working and living in suburban Philadelphia. At the end of September I still got like 6 vacation days left, and at most 5 can be accumulated to the next… Read More