I hiked the NianBaoYuZe(年保玉则) traverse south to north in 2 days from Jul. 20th to Jul. 21st in 2014. Apart from the fact that average altitude is 4200m, it is overall a moderate hike with great alpine scenery. Introduction: NianBaoYuZe(年保玉则) is a 5369 meter mountain peak situated in Jiuzhi(久治) county, Qinghai(青海) province. It is also in the… Read More

QiZangGou(七藏沟) Traverse is a 60km trek located in northwest Sichuan Province. I did the traverse from July 15th to July 17th in 2014. Logistics: Jump-off town for the trek is either SongPan(松潘) or ChuanZhuSi(川主寺). Because of the close proximity to JiuZhaiGou(九寨沟), one of the most popular tourist attractions in China, both towns are swarmed by… Read More